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Never Forgotten: The Stories of Licking County Veterans

Licking County Library recently published a compilation of 51 stories with images of Licking County veterans, these stories were originally written by Veteran's Coordinator Doug Stout for a weekly Newark Advocate column before being reworked for this book. Each veteran story is personal and not meant to give historic details on a particular war or conflict. They are meant to give a reflection on the selected veteran and his or her experiences. Men, women, white, black, immigrants, children of immigrants—they all lived here and helped shape Licking County. There is a saying that people die twice. The first time when their earthly body dies and the second when there is no one left to remember their name. May we never let any of our veterans of Licking County be forgotten and die the second death.

The book is available for $20, plus tax, at LCL's Downtown Newark location or online.