Welcome to the Licking County Library

Public Comment Policy and Form

From time to time, members of the public may wish to comment on the operations and services of the Licking County Library. The Board of Trustees of the Licking County Library welcomes this input. To facilitate this communication, the Board requests three things:

1) completion of the public comments form below and return it to the presiding officer of the meeting before the Public Comments agenda item;
2) a maximum of public participation is limited to 10-minutes, however, the Board welcomes signed written comments of any length; and,
3) limit your comments to specific operations and services of the Library. Comments about a specific staff member must be limited to a written format to protect the staff member and the commenting member of the public from possible defamation of character and/or slanderous comments. Written comments about a specific staff member will be referred directly to the Personnel Committee for their review and recommendation when it is deemed appropriate.

The presiding officer of the meeting, however, reserves the right to extend the 10-minute limitation, if, in his or her opinion, it is in the best interest of the Library.

The Board will take your comments under consideration and will respond at an appropriate time in the future. We are here to listen to your comments.

Click to submit a Public Comment Form. Thank you for your interest in the Licking County Library.