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  • Utica


    115 South Main Street
    Utica, Ohio 43080

    Mondays | 10am - 5pm
    Tuesdays | 12 - 7pm
    Wednesdays | 10am - 5pm
    Thursdays | 12 - 7pm
    Fridays | 10am - 5pm
    Saturdays | Closed
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    LCL recently purchased the building at 115 South Main Street in Utica, just south of its old location at 15 North Main Street. This interim space provides an American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant entrance and restrooms, and an expanded and more convenient parking lot. The building also includes a common area for Library programming, individual use and small group meetings. A highlight of the building is a drive-up window, which will allow on-the-go customers to quickly pick up and drop off books from their vehicles.

    The interim building is a short-term solution to address the immediate needs for library accessibility and meeting space needs. The Utica community can now begin conversations and develop its vision for a new library building. This will likely involve either remodeling the original building located at 15 North Main Street or constructing a new building on this site. Input from the Utica community is important, and the Licking County Library Board of Trustees and staff look forward to the public/private collaboration as plans are developed.