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Letter Knowledge

Letter Knowledge includes learning that letters have names, are different from each other, have upper and lower case “shapes,” and that specific sounds go with specific letters. An example of letter knowledge is a child's ability to tell the name of the letter B and what sound it makes. Fun ways to learn letter knowledge:

  • Point out and name letters in alphabet books, picture books or on signs and labels.

  • Pick a “letter of the day” and look for it everywhere you go.

  • Look at and talk about different shapes. Shape identification is a great first step for children who are too young to learn letters.

  • Notice different types of letters (“a” or “A”) on signs and in books.

  • Talk about and draw the letters of your child's name either in crayon or in the sand

  • Use magnetic letters or letters made of foam or flannel available to “play” with.

  • Play matching games such as alike and different.