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Print Awareness

Print Awareness is noticing print everywhere, knowing how to handle a book, knowing that writing in English follows basic rules such as flowing from top-to-bottom and left-to-right, and that the print on the page is what is being read (not the pictures).

An example of print awareness is a child's ability to point to the words on the page of a book.

Fun ways to learn print awareness:

  • Point out and read words everywhere you see them (on signs, labels, stores, products, etc.).
  • Read books that your child can handle on their own such as board books. Let them turn the pages as you read.
  • Point to the words as you read—especially repeated phrases or the title of the book.
  • Ask your child to point to the first word on the page.
  • Mention the parts of a book as you read. “Look at this cover! This book must be about elephants!” “The End … that’s the last page of the book.”